What would you charge?

This is our first blog post!

“What would you charge for this cake?” is a question that we see constantly on cake forums.

Unfortunately, it is a difficult question to answer. It depends on so many factors. It is very specific to your geographic area, your materials costs, your overhead, and your skill level, just to name a few things.

To help you understand the specifics of properly pricing a custom cake, we will be posting sample cakes that we have made in the past to show what we charged the customer at the time, what we should have charged at the time, and what we would charge today if we were to make the same cake again. We will use the Cake Pricer spreadsheet to price the cakes. 

We will also explain the factors that went into the price so that you can see how using the spreadsheet can help you get a handle on your costs, as well as help you make more money in your business.

Screenshots of the spreadsheet will help you see exactly how much each aspect of the cake decorating process costs.

Our goal is to post the pricing for a new cake each week. Please check back frequently so you don’t miss a post!

Thanks for being here!

Leisl Kern

Owner, Cake Pricer